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Why Choose ThisAlitec-odoo CMS - a big picture


Schools are the collective sum of the students, faculties and the courses they teach the students. The whole ecosystem offers great opportunities for the students to learn, but courses hold the major chunk of the learning. With great courses, students learn better and retain information for more.

There are tons of subjects to really refine information and learning for a particular group, courses creation is an important part. Custom learning content always helps and that's where the role of OpenEduCat comes.

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Faculty Management


  Full of Features

The Faculty Management System comes with a lot of features including managing students, managing timetable, requesting books and others. With full control of their work and their involvement within the institutes, faculty can both be productive and game changing.

 Do Other Work

Faculties have other responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities are Attendance Registers. They can create or import attendance registers and maintain all aspects of attendance directly from their OpenEduCat account. Similarly, they can choose to work with attendance sheet.

 Completely Transparent System

This improves transparency in the whole system and improves trust ratings on both the part of faculty and the student. Assignments can also be imported using the Assignment import option.

 Store and Access Personal Information

The Personal details tab offers birthdate, library card, pan card, blood group, category and other forms of information that are basic to the faculty.

 Add Students to the Database

Faculty can also add students into the existing database. This enables them to fasten the process of gathering vital information about the student and add new ones for new classes.

 Assign Assignment and Check Homework

the faculty can create assignments for the students of a batch. Creating assignment on the system is a great feature for both the student and the faculty as everything remains organized and retractable.

 Access Control for better Management

Not all entries are available for the faculty, but can easily be controlled by the back office admin.

Some of the details that can be modified by the faculty are Personal Information, TimeTable, Subject details and others.

 Store Information in the Database

The back office admin can easily create new faculty entry in the database. With the entry created, either the back office admin or the faculty itself can easily update their information within the database.